dog bowls matter

Believe it or not, dog bowls matter.

I mean, how could you spend your hard-earned cash creating a modern kitchen or dining room and then continue to feed your furry family member from a matching set of old Cool Whip containers?

Ask Dalilah, my design associate. If you’re going to carry something around in your mouth when it’s empty, it better look and feel right as well as hold food and water. Take a look at some of her favorites from our friends at Doca Pet and Obelisk Home.

Note the different heights. I’ve been told you can help prevent bloat by selecting a dog bowl at the proper height for your pooch. When Fido’s head is kept above his stomach, food travels more efficiently down the digestive tract, or so the story goes. (Please remember I have a design degree, not a DVM, so if in doubt, ask your vet.)

They’re like little pieces of modern art and may put your human dishes to shame (decorative accents help complete a room, but they’re often overlooked in terms of its overall design – don’t let it happen to you).

The next time you get ready to sit down for the family meal, set a place for your dog with one of these beauties – better he eats out of his own bowl than from your child’s hand underneath the dining table.

You’re welcome…





the dish from dalilah

Dalilah. She only wears the monocle when she’s doing computer work.

Meet Dalilah, our four-year-old English Mastiff.

The American Kennel Club describes this breed as “a combination of grandeur and good nature as well as courage and docility – powerful yet gentle and loyal.”

Our girl is all that and more. Dalilah’s got a discerning eye, and she knows her way around a design studio. She’s an invaluable resource at Elizabeth Monical Design, and I’m often tempted to bring her along when I meet with clients for the first time. But her considerable size – coupled with my height – might be a bit too much for someone we’ve never met, so she runs the office while I’m out.

I’ll be turning the blog over to Dalilah on occasion, as she’s great at sniffing out pet-friendly products that are at home in any well-designed environment. You can definitely have great pets and great style – the two are not mutually exclusive.

Dalilah gives Crypton a big paws up.
Dalilah gives Crypton a big paws up.

Her first ‘big paws up” find – Crypton. This line of fabrics, furniture and more is nothing short of amazing. It doesn’t stain, trap smell, break down or hang on to pet hair.

Mind blowing! What’s more, it’s available in modern patterns and solids that come in soft suede and velvet-like textures.

I’ve used this fabric to create cushion covers for my existing sofa. Dalilah says it best: “I can lay on the couch, and Elizabeth doesn’t get mad because it’s not covered in hair. I also enjoy eating treats on the couch, but no one would ever know it by looking at the fabric.”

I mean, what dog doesn’t deserve a Throver?