must have mod tiles

Turn a wall in your home into a work of art with these mod tiles.
Turn a wall in your home into a work of art with these mod tiles.

When you have a husband, three kids under age seven, two dogs and run your own business, not a lot surprises you.

I’m used to loud thuds in the night (my oldest started climbing out of his crib at nine months, so much so that we wondered if there was a dog-crate-type bed product we could buy for him – don’t judge), shortness of breath (my 125-pound English Mastiff lays on me in the morning until I get up and fill her dog bowl) and the sight of blood (and throw up and poop, both human and canine).

So I love a good surprise, especially if it’s about a great new product and introducing my clients to the type of finishes that make their project special.

Surprise from Modular Arts! I love their new small-scale tiles so much I want to marry them.  They’re made from high density, reinforced gypsum with a lightweight plant-based foam core and are designed for tighter areas and more intimate spaces. They come in mottled white, but get this – you can paint them any color you darn well please. They. Are. So. Cool. (I really hate when people do this, but the emphasis is truly deserved here.)

Remember the Rays? I knew this couple would appreciate the awesomeness of these tiles because of their love of modern art. I used them in their kitchen (the Zelle design), and the results even exceeded my expectations – I can’t wait to use them in another project. Call me, and let’s talk tile!

Until next time, I’ll be keeping an eye on design for you.



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