to match or not to match

Hey, all you out there who love good design! It’s time for another first for me – my first blog tip. Here goes…

The dilemma:

When you’re painting a room, should the trim color match the wall color?

My tip:

Trim that contrasts – either by color or stain – draws attention to the lines of your walls and ceiling. Think about this for a moment before you get all excited and run out to buy your supplies. You may not want these lines to be a detail that stands out in your room.

For a clean, modern look, match your trim and wall color.

If you want to create a modern, clean look (which is totally my thing), use the same color for both the trim and walls. I recommend a good satin paint for your walls and a semigloss in the same color for your trim. You can also go a shade lighter or darker with your trim to create another neutral background for the features you want to draw attention to, like your furniture or artwork.

Check out a few examples from the fabulous Houzz that illustrate what I’m talking about:

Bottom line – be brave, be bold, and have fun. If you don’t like the end result, you can always repaint without doing a ton of damage to your wallet.

Until next time, I’ll be keeping an eye on design for you.



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